Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Revival

Now talk about a two-year hiatus.

I recently checked and remembered that this blog still exists. Good thing it still does. Conversations over coffee, bread, spaghetti over everything has flooded my life in the past two years. Most were serious ones. But lets start the year off with the funny ones.

The Wise Parrot

A friend of mine has a talking bird at home (it's not taller than him and it's not yellow so I'm pretty sure it's not Big Bird) that constantly teases his other friend by calling out to him with the word "Opaw" which is the Cebuano (my dialect) translation of "bald". Well, the guy is bald.

So the teasing went on for a few months and somehow the bird got to the guy's nerves. One day, the guy visited my friend and passed by the bird's cage. "Opaw! Opaw! OOOooppaaww!" the bird was ecstatic to see him again! The guy was pissed and came near the cage and threatened the bird (as if it understood) saying, "If you call me bald again, I'm gonna pluck your feathers one by one". The bird had no choice but to shut up... or at least that's what the guy believed. The bird did stop teasing him that day.

A week passed. The guy payed my friend a visit again. As he walked in front of the cage - it was placed on a stand near the house's main entrance - he glanced at the bird. It was also looking at him but with the "Opaw". He smiled and thought that the bird took his threat to heart (I can't believe this guy). Well he went on walking towards the house's front door. But after taking a few steps, the bird talked. But this time, the words invalidated the guys threat while teasing him at the same time. It said: "Kahibaw na ka! Kahibaw na ka!" meaning "you know what I mean!"

Wise bird.

Poor guy.

Monday, March 30, 2009

one for blogging

Talk about empowering bloggers! Great stuff!

It's a Joke!

It's amazing how text messages can just brighten one's day. Got this when I woke up this morning and it did jump start my day.

Priests DO tell the truth!!!

Girly: "Father, I confess, every time I look at other women during mass, I always realize that I am the prettiest girl in church! Is that a sin, Father?

Priest: "No, my child, it isn't a sin. It's a joke!"