Friday, March 27, 2009

step aside superman

Superman's misplaced red underwear is no match for Japan's latest space age invention.

J-ware is the name and keeping space men clean is the game. J-ware is a line of odor-free underwear and casual clothing, which was conceptualized, researched and created by at Japan Women's University by Japanese textile experts. J-ware is said to last for more than a week. They are designed to kill bacteria, absorb water, insulate the body and dry quickly.

This is a good invention that will help the human race exist longer by saving tons of water if used on earth. Hmmm.... Does anyone want to use this for swimming?


  1. haha..I've read about this thru around 2 days ago..But I don't think 'earth people ' will use this here though :D...still, Kudos to the Japanese :)

  2. Sounds like agood idea but I bet people are so used to washing clothes every few days they would still wash them more than needed anyway. Having said that it would be good for the men who do wear the same clothes for weeks.

  3. Glad to have come across your blog via Link Referral - this post alone assures me that I'm in for some good Koffee Reading :)

    Haven't heard of J-Ware but will have to look it up now ! Might take a while to catch on with 'earth folks' but would probably prove useful in some camping / trekking type of scenario !

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